Your statement is a convenient and complete investment summary that helps you budget, plan expenses and simplify your tax preparation.

Use the key below to guide you through your investment statement.

Investment Advisor Information
Rexford Capital's contact information is included in your statement for easy access when making inquiries about your statement.

Account Number
A list of your account numbers with Rexford Capital.

Income Summary
A report of your total taxable and nontaxable income, including year-to-date dividends, interest, return of capital principal, as well as any additional income.

Account Summary
A report of your total assets and market values for equities, fixed income, mutual funds, and other investments.

Realized Gain/Loss From Sales
Summary of realized gain/loss information for the current statement period and for the year-to-date. These figures exclude transactions with incomplete cost basis information.

A report of all stocks, bonds, mutual funds and money-market funds in your account, including total cost basis.

Transaction Activity
A detailed list of all your brokerage and core account activity during the statement period, including dividends and interest credited to your accounts.

Trades Pending Settlement
A detailed list of trades that have been placed and are pending settlement.

Core Account
A summary of your cash management account. The Core account reflects the money market values at the beginning and end of the period as well as daily activity.

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