We believe investments should be evaluated relative to future cash flows. We believe companies with dominant positions in their industry have the opportunity to create cash flow where weaker companies cannot. We prefer companies that are larger, more profitable, with superior positions within their industry. Our historical performance. has shown that our approach is particularly successful when judged on a risk adjusted basis.

We prefer an industry with a strong secular trend but we also look for bottoming cyclical trends. We watch a company's profit margins to rank each company’s competitive position and its ability to withstand difficult times. We firmly believe that integrity is critical in long term success of a company. We prefer higher earnings yields and high relative growth rates.

During times of high volatility we have sold options. We sell call options to increase income, lower volatility, and exit a position When we sell a call we receive a premium (or cash) in return we give up some upside potential. This upside is limited to the call price plus the premium. We sell put options to provide additional cash flow and enter positions at lower cost.

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