Our Process

Rexford Capital - Financial Planning Process
Step 1
Understanding your personal and financial circumstances

To understand your personal and financial circumstances, we begin by asking a series of questions, from health and life-expectancy to goals and needs.

Step 2
Identifying and selecting goals

We identify goals and apply reasonable assumptions and estimates, such as inflation rates, tax rates, life expectancy, investment returns, and other material assumptions and estimates.

Step 3
Analyzing your current course of action and alternatives

We analyze your current course of action and potential alternative courses of action, including the material advantages and disadvantages of the current course and whether the current course maximizes the potential for meeting your goals.

Step 4
Developing the financial planning recommendation

We will develop the financial planning recommendation designed to maximize the potential to meet your goals, the anticipated material effects of the recommendation on your financial and personal circumstances, and how the recommendation integrates relevant elements of your personal and financial circumstances and timing and priority of the recommendation.

Step 5
Presenting the financial planning recommendation

We will present you the selected recommendations and the information that was required to be considered when developing the recommendation(s).

Step 6
Implementing the financial planning recommendation

Together, we will establish implementation responsibilities. Many actions such as investment management and financial planning will be done by Robert Rexford, while
you or other third-party professionals may have responsibilities to implement the recommended plan.

Step 7
Monitoring progress and updating

Together, we will monitor the plan by offering professional oversight of the portfolio, the ability to monitor both your financial plan and financial portfolios, and at appropriate moments, such as a financial catalyst, recalculating the progress toward achieving your goals.

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